First and foremost, Post 638 would like to thank our Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Donors for their generous support to the program.


Platinum Donors ($5,000 and up)

  • Dean and Danetter Gallagher from Kids Event Tickets who generously donated $10,000 to Post 638

Gold Donors ($2,500 to $4,999)

  • Gypsum Systems

Silver Donors ($1,000 to $2,499)

Bronze Donors ($500 to $999)

  • Det's Nicholas and Charles Militello

  • Garage Studio Fitness

  • Lt. Marcus Rogowski

  • Moose Lodge #1407

  • Asset Protective Services

  • Ellicott Development

  • Vilardo Printing


Explorer Post 638 is a complete not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide the youth of the City of Buffalo a unique opportunity that enriches lives and helps jump start young careers. Post 638 has been empowered to achieve this mission throughout our network of generous donors and volunteers.


Many officers throughout the Buffalo Police Department thoughtfully donate their time and skills in various ways to help Post 638 run smoothly. The members of the Finance and Fitness Boards, the various classroom presenters and even the web designer are all officers of the Buffalo Police Department who believe in the program and donate whatever time and resources they can to help Post 638 succeed.


However, even with this support, the program is not without its costs. While recruits are expected to partake in scheduled fund raisers, items such as uniforms, duty belts, leadership dinners, travel expenses as well as water for meetings and physical exercises need to be covered.  These are just a fraction of the unseen costs this program incurs. 

That is where our donors come in.

You too can help support Post 638 by visiting our our GoFundMe page here. Any and all monies collected or donated helps give a boost to the program and the recruits. Please consider donating and help Post 638 create a safe and engaging environment for the youth of Buffalo to mold themselves into model citizens and young adults.



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Email: bpdexplorer638@bpdny.org

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